About The Regimen Company

In 2015 I began my skincare journey. I kept things simple because I didn't know much- adding argan oil to the end of my wash, tone, and moisturize routine. As I began learning more about proper skincare and how to treat the concerns I had, I began to build out my skincare regimen little by little. In 2020, I noticed a critical gap in the skincare marketplace: a lot of the companies I was purchasing my favorite skincare products from were not featuring black-owned products, and the featured products often required a lot of ingredient research to ensure they would provide a solution to the problem I was looking to solve, without clashing with other products I was using. Eager to create a space for black-owned skincare products in a safe, unintimidating way, I came up with The Regimen Company. I want to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all skin, because no two skin types are the same.

Please take a moment to browse my ever-growing collection of high quality, black owned skincare products, and if you have any questions or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at support@theregimenco.com.


Lauren, Founder & CEO