"The Regimen Company is a one-stop skincare shop that elevates Black-owned skincare brands, services, and voices in the beauty industry. Through education, increased accessibility, and increased representation, I help people feel empowered to build and customize a skincare regimen as unique as they are, revolutionizing how they experience skincare."


In 2020, I began working on The Regimen Company to revolutionize how people experience skincare. I’ve always been a skincare enthusiast but, like the majority of people, I didn’t always consider who I was purchasing from, where I was purchasing from, where and how ingredients were sourced, and who was benefiting from my skincare purchases. As my passion for skincare deepened and I recognized my personal purchasing power. I realized I had never considered whether Black-owned skincare companies existed, and while I did what I could to support brands with values similar to my own, I somehow missed the mark when it came to Black-owned products. I realized there was a gap. 

I started researching Black owned skincare brands to see what, if anything, was out there and two things took me by surprise:

  1. The number of brands and variety of options. I started to wonder why I had never heard of or considered Black owned brands before? The obvious answer was lack of representation in the skincare industry. When I went to shop for my skincare products, I was not seeing people who looked like me. When I was researching a product or ingredient I was interested in, the majority of what I learned came from people who did not look like me because I could not easily find information from people who looked like me. 
  2. The quality, care, and love that is poured into these products. Looking at ingredient lists, the difference between what was made by my community and what I had been purchasing was massive and more closely aligned with my personal values. I knew I needed to create a space to amplify these products by us, for us.

    I am passionate about providing a platform for underrepresented voices and addressing the lack of diversity within the skincare world with an education first driven mission. I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, and we strive to empower individuals with our carefully curated collection of skincare products from black-owned brands.

    I take pride in collaborating with brands who prioritize using the best ingredients and sustainable practices, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality and efficacy. I am dedicated to featuring products and information that deliver noticeable results. From hand-crafted facial cleansers to supportive facial tools, each item in our catalog is meticulously handmade and selected with love and care. 

    My goal for The Regimen Company is to become a one-stop-skincare shop where anyone can explore and learn without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. I understand the importance of representation and the need for diverse perspectives, and I actively seek out partnerships with businesses that share my values. Through my dedication to accessibility, inclusivity, education, and excellence, I strive to create a skincare community that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty. 


    Lauren, Founder & CEO